Rick Santorum is fundraising by fear-mongering on gun background checks

Today Rick Santorum sent out an email to his supporters accusing the President of planning to build a “national database of gun owners” through the bill that would require universal background checks on all gun sales. He also claims the bill “effectively bans the private sales of firearms” and “is the most brazen and unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment in years.”

Oh, and obviously he wants money from his supporters so he can fight it. Here’s the text of the email:

The U.S. Senate is nearing completion of its “universal background checks” gun control bill. Problem is, it’s not universal; criminals and madmen don’t comply with background checks.

This awful measure will also lead to the creation of a national database of gun owners. A leaked Obama Administration memo says that this is the most important step towards national gun registration!

Please, make an urgent donation of $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford to help us beat back this all-out assault on your Second Amendment rights.

When Barack Obama declared that he wanted a gun control bill passed this year, he wasn’t kidding.

His campaign organization has mobilized their millions of left-wing grassroots activists to pressure the Senate to pass this bill. And it seems they will get exactly what they want:

A bill that effectively bans the private sales of firearms and begins the process of creating a national gun registry!

This is the most brazen and unconstitutional assault on the Second Amendment in years. If it becomes law it could change our country forever.

We have to stop this bill!

That’s why I am mobilizing all of Patriot Voices’ resources to fight this, but I need your help.

Please make the most generous donation you possibly can. We need bombard Senators with calls and emails. We need to be prepared to launch waves of ads warning American gun owners about this bill.

Frankly, I had hoped Obama’s gun-control scheme would simply die in the backrooms of the Senate.

However, with the entire White House political operation working overtime for this bill, and millions of liberals bombarding Congress with calls and faxes, that’s not going to happen.

I expect that the Senate will vote on Obama’s gun grab within the next few weeks!

We don’t have much time. That’s why I am emailing you today.

Please make the very best contribution you can to help us beat back this attack on your gun rights.

Obama and his allies have been very clever. They are selling this proposal as a “commonsense” measure that will merely close some “loopholes” in the law.

That sounds fair to a lot of my former colleagues. And it appears sensible to many ordinary Americans, too.

But this proposal is so much more than it appears. It establishes the groundwork for a national database of gun owners!

Just imagine if Attorney General Eric Holder had a master list of the names and addresses of every single gun owner in America, and what types and numbers of firearms they possessed!

It’s terrifying to even contemplate what he would do with that information.

So, we must stop this bill in the Senate. Failure simply is not an option when our liberty is at stake!

Please make a generous donation of $25, $35, $50, $75, $100, $200 or whatever you can afford right away to help stop Obama’s gun grab.

Because the Senate is moving very fast, we don’t have much time to prepare to win this battle. Please do what you can right away.

Thank you, and may God Bless America.


Rick Santorum


Rick Santorum Says The Republican Party Needs To Be More Inclusive. We’re Through The Looking Glass Now, People.

Rick Santorum has penned an opinion piece for USA Today titled “GOP needs to tell people we can help,” in which he says:

“It’s time that conservative Republicans build a new box and offer Americans a broader, bolder and more inclusive vision of freedom and opportunity, as well as provide the tools to achieve them.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Rick Santorum is now saying that the Republican party needs to be more inclusive.

“Inclusive” is not typically a word that has been associated with Rick Santorum. Though, this opinion piece brings to mind two words that we’ve often associated with him in the past: “irony” and “hypocrisy.”


Rick Santorum’s Fundraising Email for Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin

Rick Santorum just sent out an email through his Patriot Voices PAC with the subject line “Help me elect Todd Akin to the Senate.” He even blames the “liberal media” for beating Todd Akin up after he made some comments that Rick knows he regrets. Here’s the full text of Rick’s email:

Help me elect Todd Akin to the U.S. Senate from Missouri.

Republicans absolutely must win control over the U.S. Senate, and Todd could be the 51st vote we need to do just that.

Please make an urgent and generous donation of $20, $25, $50, $100, $250 or whatever you can possibly afford to help Todd Akin defeat the ultra-liberal Claire McCaskill.

I am personally committed to doing everything I possibly can to help this good and decent conservative win this tough fight.

We need more staunchly pro-life, pro-freedom and pro-limited government conservatives in the U.S. Senate.

And Todd’s race could very well determine which party has the majority. Grassroots conservatives need to take a stand right now.

We must win this election!

Now, Todd made some comments that I know he regrets, and the liberal media has really beaten him up.

However, this race is still dead even.

Todd Akin can definitely win if conservatives across the nation will just rally to his side.

His opponent, Claire McCaskill, is one of President Obama’s most loyal foot soldiers in the Senate. She’s way, way too liberal for Missouri. Her negative ratings are sky high.

She supports ObamaCare, abortion on demand, more government spending and higher taxes.

She has to go.

And Todd Akin is just the man to send her packing.

I formed the Patriot Voices PAC in order to take our conservative message to every corner of America.

I’ve been crisscrossing the country helping Mitt Romney and all our good conservative candidates make the case for true limited government, forcing Washington to operate within its means and standing up for the American family.

However Todd Akin’s race is particularly important. Control over the U.S. Senate is at stake.

That’s why I’ve made winning this race one of my very top priorities.

Please stand with me now and help Todd Akin.

Todd’s got a great campaign organization. His campaign team is tough and tenacious.

However, he desperately needs the help of grassroots conservatives like you.

As you know, some establishment Republicans have given up on Todd’s race. They believe longshot races in Maine and Hawaii are a “better investment.”

I respectfully disagree. And the public opinion polls back me up.

This race is effectively tied and Todd Akin can win. But only if conservatives from across America rally to his side right now.

Please, as a personal favor to me, make the most generous contribution you possibly can to fund Patriot Voices PAC’s efforts to help elect Todd Akin.

We need to pay for get-out-the-vote drives, phone banks and mailings.

We need to rally every single conservative in the Show Me State to turn out and vote on Election Day.

This is most important Senate race in the country. And Todd Akin can win it.

However he desperately needs our help.

Please donate what you can.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

God bless you and may God bless America!


Rick Santorum


Santorum to Conservatives: “Smart People Will Never Be On Our Side.” (Video)

Rick Santorum told a conservative audience at the Values Voter Summit that “elite, smart people will never be on our side.” At least Rick knows his audience.

Watch the video:


Santorum: “Pursuit of Happiness” Actually Means “To Pursue God’s Will” (Video)

Rick Santorum says that what the Founding Fathers actually meant by “the pursuit of happiness” was to “pursue God’s will.” Interesting that they didn’t choose to actually write it that way, huh?

Rick also says that the definition of “happiness” was different in the late 18th Century, which, of course, is not true.

Watch the video:


The Official Santorum Exposed RNC Speech Drinking Game

In anticipation of Rick Santorum’s Speech to the Republican National Convention tonight, airing at 7 pm Eastern time on cable news networks, we bring you the Official Santorum Exposed RNC Speech Drinking Game rules.

As usual, we recommend drinking Communion wine for this game. We also recommend not driving anywhere for about 48 hours after playing.

Official Rules

Drink once if Rick says:

Founding Fathers
Founding Documents
Pursuit of Happiness
American Values
Prenatal testing
Sexual freedom
Tea party
Coal fields
Global warming hoax

Drink twice if Rick says:

Black people
Gay friend
Radical environmentalist
Radical Islam
Terror is a tactic
9th Circuit
World War II
The Crusades
War on Religion

Chug the entire jug of wine if Rick says:

Blah People
Welfare Queen
Big Buck
Birth control is harmful to women
America is not a salad that you toss
My Grandmother came to this country against her will
They want to get you hooked and make you dependent
Drug dealer
You can call a napkin a car…
Man on dog
Gathering storm
12th Imam
Full spectrum conservative
The Father of Lies

If you plan on watching the speech and following our rules, we recommend calling in sick to work before the speech begins. Please watch Republican speeches responsibly.


Watch “Sh*t Santorum Says About Mitt Romney”

Since Rick Santorum has now endorsed Mitt Romney for President for the second time. We thought it would be helpful to show you some of the things Rick had to say about Mitt between those two endorsements. Watch Sh*t Santorum Says about Mitt Romney…


Rick Santorum Apparently Does Not Use Grindr

Yesterday, the satirical news site Daily Currant put up an article headlined: “Santorum Claims He Thought Grindr Was a Coffee App,” which claimed that a reporter had seen the gay dating app Grindr on Rick Santorum’s phone during an interview.

As Mashable reports, even though The Daily Currant clearly states that all of their stories are “purely fictional,” this satirical story went viral and fooled many people who believed it to be real news. Here’s more from Mashable:

Did Rick Santorum really claim that he thought Grindr, a gay dating app for the iPhone, was instead an app for finding the nearest coffee shop? Absolutely not.

The confusion stemmed from an article titled “Santorum Claims He Thought Grindr Was a Coffee App,” which was published by The Daily Currant on Tuesday.

The Daily Currant, however, is a fake and satirical news site, akin to The Onion. It covers politics, business, technology and a handful of other verticals, using well-written humor to make social commentary.

According to The Daily Currant’s Founder and Editor Daniel Barkeley, the Santorum post has amassed about 75,000 page views and “12 times the traffic today than in the entire three months since [The Daily Currant] launched.”

“We’re surprised and gratified to see the article’s success,” wrote Barkeley in an e-mail to Mashable. “We certainly don’t try to fool people into thinking our articles are real, but good satire often requires skating as close to the truth as possible while still being ridiculous.”


Rick Santorum meets Blazing Saddles (video)

Rick Santorum was recently talking about President Obama and started to say a word that started with the letter “n” but then stopped himself and said something else. We’re not sure what Rick intended to say, but the video reminded us of Gov. William J. LePetomaine from the movie “Blazing Saddles.” Watch the video below to see what we mean:


Rick Santorum has a problem with pink balls

During a campaign stop at a Wisconsin bowling alley Rick Santorum told a little boy not to use a pink bowling ball. Here’s what Rick said as reported by Huffington Post:

According to Reuters’ Sam Youngman, Santorum told a young man at South Lanes Bowling and Pizza in La Crosse to avoid using the femininely colored ball. “You’re not going to use the pink ball,” the former Pennsylvania senator said. “We’re not gonna let you do that. Not on camera.”

At the prompting of another reporter, Santorum also quipped, “friends don’t let friends use pink balls.”

Very classy, Rick. Do we really want our presidential candidates acting like 14 year old boys?

Michelangelo Signorile has written an interesting piece about how the pink ball comment fits into Rick Santorum’s “bully complex.”