The Official Santorum Exposed AZ Republican Debate Drinking Game

In anticipation of tonight’s AZ Republican debate, airing at 8 pm Eastern time on CNN, we bring you the Official Santorum Exposed Republican Debate Drinking Game rules. In order to get the proper effect, you might want to consider drinking Communion wine for this game.

Official Rules

Drink once if Rick says:

Prenatal testing
Sexual freedom
Tea party
Coal fields
Global warming hoax

Drink twice if Rick says:

Black people
Gay friend
Radical environmentalist
Radical Islam
Terror is a tactic
9th Circuit
World War II
The Crusades
War on Religion

Chug the entire jug of wine if Rick says:

They want to get you hooked and make you dependent
Drug dealer
Man on dog
Gathering storm
12th Imam
Full spectrum conservative
The Father of Lies

If you plan on watching the debate and following our rules, we recommend calling in sick to work before the debate begins. Also, please have a designated driver for the next week or so.


Hear Rick Describe Satan’s Attack on America

If you would like to hear Rick’s remarks at Ave Maria University in 2008, in which he describes how he believes Satan is systematic attacking the U.S., click play below. It’s a doozy…


Rick Santorum Caught Lying about Dutch Euthanasia

Rick recently spoke at the American Heartland Forum in Columbia, Missouri where he made some wild claims about legalized euthanasia in the Netherlands. Here’s part of what he told the crowd:

“In the Netherlands, people wear different bracelets if they are elderly. And the bracelet is: ‘Do not euthanize me.’ Because they have voluntary euthanasia in the Netherlands but half of the people who are euthanized — ten percent of all deaths in the Netherlands — half of those people are enthanized involuntarily at hospitals because they are older and sick. And so elderly people in the Netherlands don’t go to the hospital. They go to another country, because they are afraid, because of budget purposes, they will not come out of that hospital if they go in there with sickness.”

As the Washington Post’s Fact Checker points out, the major problem with Rick’s treatise on Dutch euthanasia is that it’s pretty much completely false.

You can watch him tell this whopper in the video below. He also talks longingly about 50 or 60 years ago when “people who did abortions were in the shadows.”


Was Rick Santorum an “Outsider” in Congress? Lobbyists didn’t think so.

Since Rick Santorum is now running around Arizona claiming that he was a Washington “outsider”, we thought we would share an ad that we produced back in 2006 about the fact that Rick’s campaign committees received more money from lobbyists in 2005 than any other member of congress. He also happened to be the third-ranking Republican member of the Senate that year.

Does that sound like an outsider to you?

For more about Rick’s cozy relationship with lobbyists and role in the “K Street Project,” check out this Washington Monthly article from 2003.


Check The Facts In This Ad:



1)   Rick Santorum’s committees accepted more money from lobbyists last year than any other member of Congress.

“The Bankrollers: Lobbyists’ Payments to the Lawmakers They Court,” Public Citizen, May 22, 2006

“Lobbyists: Top 20 Recipients 2006,” Center for Responsive Politics web site


2)   No wonder Santorum voted to give billions in special tax breaks to oil companies.

Joint Committee on Taxation, “Estimated Budget Effects of the Conference Agreement for Title XIII. OF H.R. 6,” July 27, 2005

Roll Call 213, H.R. 6, July 29, 2005

“How Those Big Bucks End Up In Big Oil’s Pockets,” Washington Post, Aug 7, 2005

“…In recent months, oil company profits have soared again as internation crude prices have hit new highs. Yet the reaction of the American public has been more muted. And that has probably emboldened Congress — which, instead of investigating oil companies, just handed them (by various estimates) anywhere from $1.4 billion to $4 billion in tax breaks in the new energy bill.”

(Free preview of this archived article available by clicking here – Complete article is availble for purchase from www.washington for a fee of $3.95)



SH*T SANTORUM SAYS Parts I and II (video)

We at Santorum Exposed are both proud and saddened to bring you our latest video “SH*T SANTORUM SAYS.” If you enjoy it, or are completely horrified by it like us, please share it with all of your friends and encourage them to learn more about Rick Santorum’s right-wing extremism by visiting

UPDATE: Watch our latest episode, Sh*t Santorum Says About Mitt Romney and see if you can figure out what Rick really thinks about Mitt.


Sh*t Santorum Says:


Sh*t Santorum Says Part II:


Santorum leads Romney 38% – 23% in new national poll

A new Public Policy Polling poll shows Rick Santorum leading Mitt Romney nationally by 15 percentage points, 38% – 23%. Here are more poll details:

Riding a wave of momentum from his trio of victories on Tuesday Rick Santorum has opened up a wide lead in PPP’s newest national poll. He’s at 38% to 23% for Mitt Romney, 17% for Newt Gingrich, and 13% for Ron Paul.

Part of the reason for Santorum’s surge is his own high level of popularity. 64% of voters see him favorably to only 22% with a negative one. But the other, and maybe more important, reason is that Republicans are significantly souring on both Romney and Gingrich. Romney’s favorability is barely above water at 44/43, representing a 23 point net decline from our December national poll when he was +24 (55/31). Gingrich has fallen even further. A 44% plurality of GOP voters now hold a negative opinion of him to only 42% with a positive one. That’s a 34 point drop from 2 months ago when he was at +32 (60/28).

Santorum is now completely dominating with several key segments of the electorate, especially the most right leaning parts of the party. With those describing themselves as ‘very conservative,’ he’s now winning a majority of voters at 53% to 20% for Gingrich and 15% for Romney. Santorum gets a majority with Tea Party voters as well at 51% to 24% for Gingrich and 12% for Romney. And with Evangelicals he falls just short of a majority with 45% to 21% for Gingrich and 18% for Romney.


Santorum says President Obama Helps Iran get Nukes

Rick Santorum says that the Obama Administration is “throwing Israel under the bus” and helping Iran get nuclear weapons so that we can have access to OPEC oil. Watch the video below.

SANTORUM: They know that oil is drying up. And they know that not building that pipeline we’re not going to have access to oil reserves. And they know they’re going to be more dependent upon OPEC and so what are we doing? We’re throwing Israel under the bus because we know we’re going to be dependent on OPEC. We’re going to say ‘Oh Iran, we don’t want you to get a nuclear weapon, wink, wink, nod, nod, go ahead just give us your oil.


Santorum concerned over women in combat because of “emotions involved”

The Pentagon has announced they are easing the ban on women in combat roles. Rick was asked about that by CNN’s John King and he said he has concerns over that because of the “emotions that are involved.”

He has since clarified that he was talking about the emotions that male soldiers will feel while on combat missions with women. Huh?

SANTORUM: I want to create every opportunity for women to be able to serve this country. And they do so in an amazing and wonderful way. And they’re a great addition to the — and have been for a long time, to the armed services of our country.

But I do have concerns about women in frontline combat. I think that can be a very compromising situation where — where people naturally may do things that may not be in the interests of the mission because of other types of emotions that are involved. And I think that’s probably — you know, it already happens, of course, with the camaraderie of men in combat. But it’s — but it’s — I think it would be even more unique if women were in combat. And I think that’s probably not in the best interests of men, women or the mission.


31 Rick Santorum Quotes…

Thanks to the folks at for compiling Santorum quotes back in January “that prove he would be a destructive President.”  We think today is a good day to review the “31 quotes that prove how ignorant, fanatical, heartless, and dangerous Rick Santorum is.”

Here’s the list:

1. “If the Supreme Court says that you have the right to consensual [gay] sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to polygamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. You have the right to anything. Does that undermine the fabric of our society? I would argue yes, it does. It all comes from, I would argue, this right to privacy that doesn’t exist in my opinion in the United States Constitution. In every society, the definition of marriage has not ever to my knowledge included homosexuality. That’s not to pick on homosexuality. It’s not, you know, man on child, man on dog, or whatever the case may be. It is one thing.”
~Rick Santorum, comparing homosexuality to bestiality, and saying that we don’t have the right to have consensual sex. He’s also saying we don’t have the right to privacy.

2. “There are people who were gay and lived the gay lifestyle and aren’t anymore. I don’t know if that’s the similar situation or that’s the case for anyone that’s black. It’s a behavioral issue as opposed to a color of the skin issue, and that’s the diff for serving in the military.”
~Rick Santorum, comparing homosexuality to being black.

3. “The left, unfortunately, participates in bullying more than the right does. They say they’re tolerant, and they’re anything but tolerant of people who disagree with them and support traditional values.”
~Rick Santorum, accusing the left of being bullies despite the fact that he agrees with those who want to execute gays and women who have abortions. [Read more...]


CNN projects Santorum the winner of Missouri primary

Currently not even close, with Santorum taking 54% of the Missouri GOP vote.  He’s also ahead in Colorado and Minnesota.  CNN’s Dana Bash saying he’s now being seen as the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney as Gingrich’s presidential bid fades.

Maybe it’s time once again to look back at Santorum’s real senatorial record.  Check out the SantorumExposed Page on You Tube.