Tax Policy Center Says Santorum’s Tax Plan Would Add Trillions to Debt

The Tax Policy Center provides an analysis of Rick Santorum’s tax plan, which they say will “very likely add trillions of dollars to the federal deficit” while slashing direct government spending on programs aimed at assisting families. Here’s some of the analysis:

The Tax Policy Center has not yet formally modeled the former Pennsylvania senator’s tax platform. However, because it cuts rates significantly but does not eliminate tax preferences—and even expands a few—it would very likely add trillions of dollars to the federal deficit. Looked at from that prism, it is not so different from the ideas raised by most of his GOP rivals.

Like other Republican tax planks, Santorum’s would benefit corporations and high-income individuals. No surprise there. But unlike his rivals, he’d also cut taxes for many families with children.

Santorum is no bleeding heart, however. Even as he’d cut their taxes, he’d shred direct government spending for programs aimed at assisting these same households. As part of his plan to cut federal spending by $5 trillion over five years, he’d immediately slash many domestic programs to 2008 levels, and freeze for five years spending for social programs such as Medicaid, housing subsidies, food stamps, education, and job training.



  1. Joseph Spillman says:

    Its amazing that you consider these statements outrageous. It is a fact that abortion prevents fetuses from becoming future workers. Social Security is based on current workers paying for current retiree benefits. It wasn’t originally designed this way but that is the actuarial reality. You can argue against gravity but when you jump up you don’t float into outer space.

    • Ruchama says:

      By your logic not only should every (presumably married) woman be required to have two or three children to support social security, but we should welcome the strong young people who come here without documents and work hard, paying into social security via false documents, but then never collect a dime.
      I might agree with you on the second proposition but the histories of countries that required women to give birth are not pretty.

  2. Jack says:

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  3. KevenS says:

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    • Kenny says:

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  4. Sean says:

    Jesus he is insane help cut taxs to family households but then cut the benifits for those very people and help businesses. Just crazy

  5. Jerry says:

    We need less people in the world with overpopulation we need to make the people alive now actually work….we should get rid of income tax and increase sales taxes…even drug dealers have to buy stuff