SH*T SANTORUM SAYS Parts I and II (video)

We at Santorum Exposed are both proud and saddened to bring you our latest video “SH*T SANTORUM SAYS.” If you enjoy it, or are completely horrified by it like us, please share it with all of your friends and encourage them to learn more about Rick Santorum’s right-wing extremism by visiting

UPDATE: Watch our latest episode, Sh*t Santorum Says About Mitt Romney and see if you can figure out what Rick really thinks about Mitt.


Sh*t Santorum Says:


Sh*t Santorum Says Part II:



  1. tom man says:

    The creators of this site are just another LEFT WING, Negative add purveying group aimed ad character assasination because it loves the very liberal OBAMA administration more. This site cannot come up with any helpful solutionsm so it demonize anyone who has any strong convictions that opposes their views.

    • Santorum Exposed says:

      Congratulations, you win the prize for the most unintentionally ironic comment of the day.

      • thinkaboutit says:

        You betcha, I LOOOOVE the Obama administration a lot more than a brainwashed Papist who reeks of Nazi sentiment regarding women- my uterus is NOT a vessel of the State,and just as we fought Hitler, we will fight this Fascist freak and WIN.
        Put THAT in your survival rations, light it on fire with your fundamentalist crapbook and SMOKE IT, right wingers!

    • Joe American says:

      All I’ll say is this. How is it that in a Country that stands on the value that no matter your background, belief system, sexual orientation or persuasion you can be successful; that a man can say “that if you don’t believe what I believe then you are wrong.. and I want to be your next president”. Mr. Santorum’s views on being an American are wrong and that is what I take issue with. Not that he is a “Conservative” from the RIGHT WING…. (These are just terms by the way..) The only candidate that is really stating true conservative, right wing values is Ron Paul. And he does so without encroaching on my rights as an american.

    • scoopmaster23 says:

      Tom, you are forcing me to be rude. Your comment coveys and a very irrational, anti-intellectual, delusional mindset. You’re tired, mean-spirited blathering is truly tragic and appalling.

    • Joanne says:

      tom. is your comment meant to be sarcastic or are you really not getting the hilarious irony of what you are saying?

    • Marci says:

      Since these are his own words, and not just quotes, your argument loses any credibility.

    • Lidare says:

      I am so very sorry that you don’t want to know the truth. You choose to believe in LIES. This Santorum character is ignorant, which you can’t blame him for, but he proclaims blatent lies about euthenasia.
      How can you stand there and tell lies without blinking an eye. His nose should grow up to 60 cm. like the Pinoccio story. So people wake up, It is dangerous to blindly believe in this fraude.

      • wildcat77 says:

        Lidare, why is it that Obama’s lies, of which there are many, go unreported by the liberal media?

    • Lynn says:

      This guy is a real piece of work! THE LAST PERSON on earth we need as president of this great county is Rick Santorum. He believes that women should have NO rights what so ever. He talks like he’s running for preacher of the year, he’s simply not presidential material. He’s a religious radical, i would NOT want him to have the power to engage the US in war. He’s crazy town!

    • Lynn says:

      well, the guy just keeps giving us so much good material !!!!

    • G says:

      Or maybe it’s just for people who can write in English, loser

    • The Chee says:

      I absolutely hate Obama, and I think he’s the worst president since FDR.

      Santorum will be worse.

  2. Mauibrad says:

    LOL!!!! Good one!

  3. Marci says:

    This is one pompous and angry man who should never be our nominee!!

  4. Shannon says:

    Everything in that video was taken out of context…..It is meaningless.

    • Santorum Exposed says:

      Actually most of them become even more frightening in context. But thanks for watching.

      • brenda says:

        Frightening, I call it refreshing someone finally speaks up about the issues regular American citizens are concerned with.

        • Nichole says:

          How the He!! do you think that these are issues many american citizens are concerned with. As an american citizen I am conerned with the economy, health care, overpopulation – thus agree with making insurance companies cover ontraceptives/birth control because it is an issue, a woman should be able to make their own choices when it comes to contraceptives and they are making it easier. This man is against that. tHIS MAN IS ALSO RACIST.

      • Tejicano says:

        “Actually most of them become even more frightening in context. But thanks for watching.” …says the site creator, lol. There is no middle ground these days. Santorum is no worse than Obama…just in the other direction. Pick your poison. Until then…little web sites and blogs like this continue to divide the country in both directions. To radicalize Santorum and his out of context quotes is just as bad as saying Obama is a socialist. Good job far left and right…you both lose.

        • Santorum Exposed says:

          Yes, we’re the ones radicalizing Rick Santorum. He doesn’t do that on his own.

        • Giggles:THe Mo'Fuckin' Squirrell says:

          While you do have a point, it is great comedic material. People get mad and want to scream about shit. I get mad, and want to make hilarious put-down jokes about what I’m mad about. I’ll even shit-talk myself. So, I find videos like these to be just funny, nothing that serious, though the basic message that Santorum is horrible is a worthy one. I believe we should abolish big government and restructure our entire culture and society into one where people can group together who feel similarly and do what they will without Big Brother telling them they can or cannot do such and such because its outside the box of general-consensed actions that are okay. There should be a hippie colony, a republican colony, a democrat colony, and so forth until everybody gets grouped up. Oh, and did I already include that money is a huge issue. ABOLISH it!! All it does is give people a false sense of power over everybody else and the earth. Real power is in making a sturdy chair you can trade for a supply of beans, or something. I digress…My point was that these sites are funny, but after we all laugh about this, why don’t we focus on coming together and creating paradise?? Focusing on whats wrong and what we don’t have just manifests that more, and more, and more!

  5. Ann says:

    Ron Paul is anti-choice too, of course. But God knows he’s better than Senator Sanctimonious. I don’t think I ‘ve ever witnessed a stupider or more frightening candidate do so well with Primary voters. He sets my teeth on edge.

    • k says:

      How is Ron Paul anti-choice?

      • Neil says:

        K, Ron Paul is a devoted christian who has said many times he would prefer to ban all abortion except for situations where the mother or baby won’t live through birth, or in rape/incest.

        He also says he will let the individual states decide for themselves. Which is better than Mr Santorum but still not good enough.

        Either way, no matter what he lets the states do, Ron Paul himself is totally anti-choice.

    • Giggles:THe Mo'Fuckin' Squirrell says:

      It’s scary how well Santorum is doing. I was told by my friend that his wife had a miscarriage and that the entire family (3 children included) cuddled it and told it stories and sang it lullabies. Does anybody else find that creepy?? Now, I haven’t confirmed that story, but I’m going to be pissed if he makes it past the primary, and if he does, he better not win the presidency…I might have to take some sort of radical action, or something just to keep my sanity. I might even file for sovereign citizenship, it’d be THAT bad!! lol…

  6. Rob says:

    Anyone can edit a video or sound of anyone or anything to support just about any point. Not impressed!

  7. CC says:

    Tom tom…. bad news for ya buddy… such a SMALL percentage are voting for him it’s comical… Try comparing the amount of people in a state and the amount voting…

    Can you say: enthusiasm gap?

    Convictions? not even close…. they are opinions based on false knowledge they have been lied to their entire lives.

  8. Steve says:

    Yes, I recognize a few of these videos. Santorum is much more scary when he has full context. Then he is full batshitcrazy.

  9. Narvid B. says:

    I feel compelled to add that NOBODY is (or can) defend his actual viewpoints, anywhere. His supporters have zero to say about unemployment and jobs, deregulation, campaign contributions and SuperPACs, clean air food or water, monetary policy, etc.

    And yet, this is the essence of the job he is campaigning for.

    “My opponent is not a christian”. School yard taunts? That is all you got? Wow. I almost (ALMOST) feel sorry for his supporters. They will have no clue what hits them.

    • Neil says:

      Exactly right, Narvid. Even though Rick’s views on moral issues are about as far from ideal as you can get, he simply doesn’t have *any* views on the real problems facing the country and the world.

      The economy? He has no idea, has never said anything about his plans in that area.
      Foreign policy? He wants to starts a few wars, which would bankrupt the country, but he has zero understanding of global politics and diplomacy. This is pretty important if you are the ‘world police’.
      Creating jobs? He has said nothing, but you know he will just parrot the usual right-wing mantra – cut taxes, destroy unions; this will just send the country further into the death spiral
      Money in politics? The more the merrier, for Rick. During his time as a senator, he pulled in more pork-barrel projects for his district than any other US politician. He is very well known as totally corrupt and will do anything for campaign money.
      Wall St Crimes? He will tell us they were being good Christians and did nothing wrong
      Environment? He says climate change is all lies, and in fact doesn’t believe in any kind of environmental protection at all. He actually says that God gave Man dominion over the Earth so we have every right to just rape and destroy it as much as we want.

      Personally, I’m super pissed at Obama for all the betrayals and broken promises. But electing anyone on the right to punish him would be a very silly move and would lead to utter disaster if Rick were elected instead.

      Fortunately, his popularity in some states during these primaries only happened because he spent months campaigning in every pisspot little town, visiting church groups and factories, lying and playing to their worst fears. In the general election he can’t do that, the country is too big, and too many people understand his game.

      He lost his last senate race by a record 20 points or so… I bet if he faces up to Obama e could easily double that figure. The GOP would take *decades* to recover.

  10. san says:

    Your views are truly archaic. Rick Santorum’s comments about Satan make him as bad as the Taliban and Alkaida (sp.) and not being “a manager”, is actually quite scary. To be a commander and chief, you better know how to manage. — I may be an Obama fan, but I would vote for ANYONE but this joker.

  11. Diana says:

    Pope POTUS, hmm has a certain ring. Santorum, running as the American Pope.

  12. QuantumN4 says:

    This video portrays nothing (absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g) of value or depth with regard to Santorum’s character. What I could bare watching was nothing more than video-bytes taken far-far out of proper context. As someone hoping to gain some true perspective on Santorum and what makes him tick, I managed to stumble into yet another looney leftist site aimed at brainwashing tactics reminiscent of ACORN sprinkled with a dash of Animal Farm pig excrement. Well done dim Lantern, you have discredited your entire “Project” and site. Own it, Santorum is e-x-a-c-t-l-y what you fear most; a man of wisdom and integrity, guided by a moral compass that threatens to sink the current socialist flotilla in November.

    • Chris says:

      haha, anyone coming here, hoping to gain an accurate perspective of Santorum is pretty dumb witted when it comes to the great wide internet.

      “Santorum is e-x-a-c-t-l-y what you fear the most, a man of wisdom……..” What the hell wisdom does he possess?

      • Giggles:THe Mo'Fuckin' Squirrell says:

        HAHAHA!! I sooo agree. Maybe his wisdom is that he’s Christian, idk….What’s the big deal about Christianity anyways?? It’s all about Spirituality, not RELIGION!! Religion, in itself can be twisted into mind control. People need to open the cardboard boxes they’ve been in, and come out to see the Sun!!

        Jesus Christ was AMAZING, he spoke words of wisdom that are universal. But after his death, he was turned by the Romans as just another way to control people, and the people who continue to want to control people have kept that running soo strong, its hard for some people to break free. It’s so sad.

    • JJ says:

      “Wisdom”? Don’t think there’s anything about fixing a 21st Century economy in proverbs…Santorum, what a joker. Can’t believe he stayed my state senator as long as he did.

  13. John Kroposky says:

    You can strip down this country one post by one. My beliefs have nothing to do with being liberal, liking Oboma, being gay, being black, being Catholic or immigration. Try just being a F*cking human being. You don’t need a bible, you don’t need a cross, a condom, or a gun. It is a sad day in American hell when we all pretend to be free !!!

  14. ricer says:

    Rick is completely right about his policies, and is correct about morality in the United States, the immoral socialist and radical homosexual agenda needs to be stopped. Thanks for showing these Videos. Rick is right. Sure that bugs you. Whenever truth illuminates a sinful and corrupt soul, the soul is disturbed. Are you feeling a little disturbed? There is time to get right with God.

  15. SlicNic5150 says:

    Sadly it’s more frightening than funny.


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