SantorumExposed.com is dedicated to an important yet simple public service mission — shining a bright light on the extreme positions, failed policies, background, agenda and hypocritical statements of Pennsylvania’s former U.S. Senator, Rick Santorum — and letting the facts speak for themselves.

We believe Santorum failed to use his position in the Senate to improve the lives of his constituents in Pennsylvania, did no better in his post-Senate years as a columnist and pundit and that his record does not qualify him to serve as President of the United States.

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SantorumExposed.com is a product of The Lantern Project, formed in 2005 as an independent political organization. The Lantern Project’s goal is to give voters easy access to the positions, votes and statements of public figures and elected officials, so they can be seen as they really are and not as the pillars of mainstream, middle-American values they claim to be.

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